Rent a Mercedes in Cannes

Renting a Mercedes is the best way to discover the ultimate glamorous destination Cannes placed on the French Riviera with its luxury villas and yachts. Annual Cannes Film festivals and beaches make this sunny city a unique and charming place that makes every moment a great unforgettable memory. The city also hosts the most important festivals in Europe and trade shows in music, art and travel industries.


Experience the luxury city by hiring a luxury car

Rent a luxury car in Cannes today and experience all of these delights in Style. Cannes is famed for its finest hotels, restaurants, shops and museums. Best places to visit are the old town le Suquet and the Promenade de la Croisette on the waterfront which is famous for its beaches and chic cafes and shops.
Hire a luxury car in Cannes to experience all that luxury city has to offer. Rentals are something you are going to have to consider with a good rental service because it will make a difference.
Mercedes 63 AMG Berline
Mercedes 63 AMG Berline
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Mercedes 63 AMG Berline

Luxury Cars with a driver

The option to rent a car with a driver in Cannes will give you a more comfortable and safe visit and gives you the opportunity to visit all the touristic places in Cannes and its nearest cities like Paris and Courchevel. In addition you will benefit from:
- Peace of mind by passing over responsibility of driving to your companion
- More comfortable when driving over long distances as the driving burden is shared with the driver allowing for a safer and more enjoyable journey
- The additional driver fee is low and is nothing compared to the amount of money and time that it could save you

The most prestigious car brands available to rent in Cannes

Bsat El Rih has a large selection for prestigious car rental in Cannes. The most luxury car brands available to rent in Cannes: Mercedes, Maybach, BMW, Audi