Rent a Car in Courchevel

From the moment you step off in Courchevel, you should expect new exciting adventures in this lovely city. The first thing you would think about is to find a suitable way of transportation in order to easily discover this beautiful city.
Although you can rely on taxis, buses and public transportation to make your way around, you can always get the freedom of miles of pavement at your disposal by renting a car from Bsat El Rih which gives you more independence and peace of mind during your vacation. Thanks to the option of renting a car with driver that Bsat El Rih offers that allows you to visit all the points of interest in Courchevel on your desired schedule.


Driving Around Courchevel city

Bsat El Rih has a wide selection of cars to make any traveler smile looking for a safe and luxury car rental once they arrive at Courchevel. When you book your car in Courchevel you will benefit from all of the below:
  • - Luxury cars amenities such as sun roofs, seat warmersand smart technology for an incredible ride
  • - Large vans that have enough room for your whole family or travel group
  • - Sporty convertibles for warm weather holidays and tropical vacations

Mercedes 63 AMG Berline
Mercedes 63 AMG Berline
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Mercedes 63 AMG Berline

Luxury Cars with a driver

The option to rent a car with a driver in Courchevel will give you a more comfortable and safe visit and gives you the opportunity to visit all the touristic places in this city. In addition you will benefit from:
- Peace of mind by passing over responsibility of driving to your companion
- More comfortable when driving over long distances as the driving burden is shared with the driver allowing for a safer and more enjoyable journey
- The additional driver fee is low and is nothing compared to the amount of money and time that it could save you

The most prestigious car brands available to rent in Courchevel

Bsat El Rih has a large selection for prestigious car rental in Courchevel. The most luxury car brands available to rent in Courchevel: Mercedes, Maybach, BMW, Audi and too many more.