Rent a car with a driver option

Choose your preferred car for rent from a wide selection of sports and luxurious cars, in addition you can just rent a car with driver and enjoy a safe driving with your friends or family members. With Bsat El Rih you can travel and experience new locations such as Ibiza, Monaco, Paris, Courchevel, Cannes and other countries. Let us satisfy your car rental needs with our great deals and excellent top quality cars.


Advantages of renting cars with drivers from Bsat El Rih

Additional drivers’ add-on will allow for more flexibility in your road trip or visiting family, with the option to have multiple drivers, your trip will be more safe and enjoyable.

Benefits of Car Rental with a driver:

- Peace of mind by passing over responsibility of driving to your companion
- More comfortable when driving over long distances as the driving burden is shared with the driver allowing for a safer and more enjoyable journey
- The additional driver fee is low and is nothing compared to the amount of money and time that it could save you